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STEM Program

The STEM Program at RCA was introduced at the end of 2019, and STEM Club was formed in 2020.
When the new school year began, RCA decided to include STEM in the Specials rotation to give students the chance to think outside the box, get some career exposure, and really use their creativity.
Some things our students have worked on:
  • Building a Parachute
  • Fuzz Ball Drop
  • Invisible Ink
  • Penguin Rafts
  • WonderDash Robots
  • Fuzz Ball Drop
  • How Strong is Spaghetti?
  • DIY Bouncy Balls
  • Spehro BOLTS
  • Burning Candle in Water
  • Pop Geyser
  • Cubelets
  • Building Volcanoes
Our students really enjoy STEM, and look forward to it each week. Our STEM teacher, Mrs. Molly, looks forward to seeing the students each week, too! :)
students making slimestudent with legostudents/legosstudent with legosstudents building lego citystudent with legosstudent with legosstudent with legosstudents with 3d housestudent with wonder dashstudents with wonder dash robotsstudent coloring planetsstudent with pet parade floatstudent with cubeletsstudent with knexstudents with cubeletsstudent with cubelets3d figure/studentstudents in STEM