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I love RCA!

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"I like being at RCA for many reasons. One reason why would be the fact that we get two recesses. It's nice to have more time to just hang out with your friends. Another thing is the teachers. The teachers here are very kind. They take their time preparing lessons for us. My favorite part of my teacher is how well I can understand her while she's explaining a new topic. Something else I'll mention is the lunches. The lunches here are really good. It doesn't matter how picky you are, you'll always like their lunches. The two cooks do a very good job with the food; not to mention the mashed potatoes! All of the activities the school somehow pulls off is crazy. Some examples would be archery, Beta Club, the Halloween parade, Neewollah, the holiday lunch, etc. I really enjoy all of the activities. They're all really fun. I love RCA and I always have. RCA is a great school, and I look forward to coming here every day. I just wish some more kids would come here."

- Lillie J., 6th-grader


"Hi, I'm in 5th grade and my name is Nola. One thing I like about RCA is recesses. They're the best! You get to play and make new friends. Lunch is delicious, every day, which is my favorite thing to do. I love the teachers at RCA, they are kind and very nice. Nobody is ever perfect, don't forget. You can be yourself here and it doesn't matter how you look. Be nice and always be yourself."

- Nola L., 6th-grader


"The reason I love RCA is the activities and sports you can get in. I like to go to the library and read books while laying on pillows. Another reason I like RCA is a couple of my teachers. They're all really nice and will teach you very well. That's my favorite thing about RCA."

- Mirena C., 6th-grader


"Hi, my name is Esse and I'm in 5th grade. My teacher's name is Miss Cook. I enjoy being at RCA, it's the best school I've ever gone to. Our principal, Mr. Grant, is awesome and RCA is wonderful. Miss Verna is our lunch lady and she makes wonderful lunches. 5th grade is awesome, we do a lot of fun stuff. All of the teachers here are amazing, RCA is the best school ever!"

- Esse H, 6th-grader


"I like RCA because the teachers are nice, and the principal and the chief academics officer are really nice, too. There are a lot of students. You can make a lot of friends. Our school goes up to 8th grade."

- Demi R., 6th-grader

"I am happy to be at RCA because the teachers have helped me read better. RCA has many fun programs and activities. My favorites are Neewollah and the dodgeball tournament. Since coming to RCA, my grades have excelled. The teachers make it fun to learn. The teachers are always showing and teaching kindness."

- Zek M., 6th-grader


"My favorite thing about RCA is our STEM class or also called high-ability. What I like about STEM is that we get to create and use our knowledge. Another reason I like STEM class is what it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. That is why I like RCA."

- Nichola H., 4th-grader


"I like all of the clubs and activities we get to do. It's not fun when we have indoor recess due to the weather, but we still have fun inside. I really like being on the dance team, too. It's fun and I am sore after practice."

- Isaiah S., 5th-grader


"In my opinion, the school is a really great school. It has really changed from its previous problems. It mostly happened in the 2018-2019 school year. This year had a lot of influence on me because teachers would come and go. This was mainly caused by the students, but ever since the school year of 2019-2020, the school has made a huge 180 turn on things. The classes are better and the students have more freedom with also following the rules. Even though the rules are a little strict in my opinion, they aren't that bad. The school does regular schooling but one thing this school does that I've never seen at any other school is that they teach responsibility and respect. They don't force this but they gradually teach it within the regular lessons. This school has taught the students as well as the teachers. The teachers are taught to respect the rules as well as the students. Also, they are taught to care for and respect the students. This school has gone through a lot from the past years but it has put in the weeks to turn it around and it has. I'm so confident in this school that I have faith in every part of my body, and when I'm on my deathbed about to pass, I can lay there and know for a fact that this school is going to have the same love and respect for the teachers and students that it's going to be my dying smile. I'm so confident in this school that I bet after I'm gone this school is still going to have smiling children running up and down its halls. And that's a one hundred percent fact."

- Travis B., 8th-grader, Class of 2020