Rural Community Academy Rural Community Academy A Public School Where Every Child Soars
Located in Graysville, Indiana

Rural Community Schools, Inc. (RCSI) is a not-for-profit organization that operates establishments such as, but not limited to, charter schools or study centers, that the Corporation or its Board of Directors deem beneficial to the educational enhancement for the people of Sullivan and surrounding counties. This organization includes the Board of Directors of the school.
Every parent and employee of the Rural Community Academy are automatically members of the Rural Community Schools, Inc.  They are always welcome to the regular Board meetings and especially encouraged to attend the annual meeting held in May at which Board members are elected.
Other interested community members, grandparents or others may apply for membership.   Applications for membership may be picked up in the school office or at the school's website  Membership fees for these individuals are $10 annually with a $5 first-time application fee.

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Rural Community Academy
2385 N. State Road 63
Sullivan, In. 47882
Phone: 812-382-4500
Fax: 812-382-4055