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RCA provides bus transportation for all students. The bus schedule is listed below. Times are approximate.

  • Farmersburg Pickup 6:45 Drop Off 4:15

  • Shelburn Pickup 7:00 Drop Off 4:00

  • Fairbanks Pickup 7:12 Drop Off 3:45

  • Merom Pickup 7:25 Drop Off 3:25

  • Carlisle Pickup 6:50 Drop Off 4:10

  • First Christian Church Sullivan Pickup 7:07 - 7:12 Drop Off 3:35

  • Stewart Court Pick Up 7:16 Drop Off 3:45

  • First Baptist Church Pick up 7:22 Drop Off 3:30

Parents/guardians are welcome to drop their student(s) off and pick them up each day, as well. Please pick your student(s) up in the gym when school is released for the day.

Parent Drop-Off @ 7:25 am

Parent Pick-Up @ 3:15 in the gym

Sports and afterschool activities: unless otherwise noted by RCA, parents/guardians are responsible for student transportation to and from these events.