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Ready to Enroll?

Ready to enroll?


RCA offers both RCA School and RCA Online. The enrollment process is the same for either option.

Enrollment at RCA is limited in order to maintain small class sizes. You may enroll your student(s) at any time during the school year, provided there is a spot available in the grade level(s) needed. If there is not a spot available, (we encourage enrollment as soon as possible); occasionally an opening becomes available throughout the year.

In the spring, RCA has an open enrollment period for the following school year. This enrollment period is widely advertised, and you are encouraged to contact the school at 812-382-4500 with questions.

All Open Enrollment applications are date stamped; the next available spot goes to the first application submitted according to date. Enrollment and Open Enrollment forms are on our website or are available for pickup in the front office.

*Don't forget to click the "Online Registration" tab to complete the registration process through Harmony.

Online Registration

Parents/guardians may complete their student(s) online registration process after completing and turning paperwork into the front office.

Once your paperwork has been entered into our system, you may go to the Harmony for Families website and complete the registration process.

Our administration team will supply you with a code that is generated by the Harmony system-- this code is unique for your student(s) and will be different for each student in your family.

RCA is here to help! Should you come across any errors or need assistance, please don't hesitate to give us a call.


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