Rural Community Academy Rural Community Academy A Public School Where Every Child Soars
Located in Graysville, Indiana
Enrollment at RCA is limited to maintain small class size. You may enroll your student anytime during the school year if there is a place available in that grade. An Enrollment Application can be downloaded or obtained at the school. Even if there is not a space available, we encourage enrollment as soon as possible as occasionally an opening becomes available due to a move, etc. Applications are time stamped and the next available spot is guaranteed to the first application submitted by date.

Every spring, usually for the month of March, there is an open enrollment period for the next school year. This will be well advertised; contact the school at 812-382-4500 with any questions you might have.

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Rural Community Academy
2385 N. State Road 63
Sullivan, In. 47882
Phone: 812-382-4500
Fax: 812-382-4055